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There’s no item in more demand at present than the fidget spinner – everybody is looking to get their hands on one! This flourishing new market is presenting companies with incredible opportunities to make a profit, but with the industry fast-moving, it’s vital that you make the right business moves if you want to get ahead of the rest. Here are a few key tips and pieces of advice that will enable you to capitalize with fidget spinners buy creating a wholesale account.

Why buy wholesale

You may be asking yourselves the question: why should I buy wholesale fidget spinners? The answer is very simple. Finger spinners are in extremely high demand at the moment, and when you buy in bulk you can make whopping savings that will help balloon your profits. For example, if you purchase more than $200 worth of fidget spinners from us at FingerSpinner.com in one go, you’ll start receiving massive discounts. And if you make a $500 buy, shipping is free! If you harbour ambitions of running a lucrative hand spinner business, then buying in bulk is the only way to go.

Buy from us!

When you buy from us, we offer not only great savings but stunning customer service too – we pride ourselves on quick delivery and supreme quality. The fidget spinners that you buy from us go through rigorous testing to ensure that they meet certain standards, and you’re never going to be stuck with a bad batch.

If you’re running a business, then you need to be dealing with people who are reliable – having a top supplier is paramount to making sure everything else runs smoothly. Our company places massive importance on delivery, and when you order with us, you know that you’ll receive exactly what you’ve ordered at the time you’d expect it to arrive.

Why you should avoid buying fidget spinners from China

China may have many very attractive hand spinner wholesale deals out there, but there are a few reasons why you should be very vary of buying fidget spinners from the region. They all boil down either poor manufacturing or poor customer service – and both can easily be avoided.

Historically, China has been known for its cost-cutting measures which have allowed the country to produce more for less – hence why so much comes from China nowadays. Nowhere are these glaring issues more apparent than in fidget spinning.

While smaller US-based independent companies and, indeed, the bigger US companies put a lot of care and effort into producing high-quality durable finger spinners, you’ll find none of this with Chinese spinners. The bad manufacturing can result in an unbalanced spinner which will feel wobbly and not spin for as long. Cheap bearings are also prone to getting dirtier more quickly, a problem inherent with all spinners, but worst with low-grade ones.

And unfortunately, these substandard products usually end up slipping through the net due to the bad quality control systems in place in China. Without stringent checks from manufacturing companies, it’s inevitable that many bad batches are going to end up on the market. Furthermore, a lot of the finger spinners made in China are often direct rip offs of those made in the US and elsewhere.

It is your customers who will suffer most from a bad product, but the sub-par customer service will hit you and your company directly. When you buy finger spinners wholesale from China, you’re often left in the dark about how long it will take you to get your stock. It is common for communications to dry up for several weeks, leaving your questions unanswered and you waiting. Some companies are up front about the long delivery times, although others will string you along.

Even if you do eventually get what you’ve ordered, imagine if there’s an error – by the time you finally get started, you’ll have wasted not just weeks, but months. That saving you thought you were making could end up costing big.

Why you should stock fidget spinners in your store

Right now, everybody wants to get their hands on a fidget spinner, so what better move to make than to start stocking them in your store? The beauty of these toys is that they are so cheap, even people who aren’t totally into them will consider buying them just out of curiosity. And fidget spinners are becoming collector’s items too – fans don’t just stop with one! So if you can stock something in your store that’s a little different to the rest, the chances are that it’ll fly off the shelves!

Types of fidget spinners you could stock

The fidget spinner market is very diverse, so you have plenty of options when it comes to deciding stock. If you just want to sell fidget spinners on the side or as a novelty item in your store, then the budget, plastic spinners will probably be best. These are very cheap and more likely to be bought by those who have heard about fidget spinning, and just want to spend a few dollars to discover what it’s all about.

If you’re building a fidget spinner company, then you should think about stocking metal and wooden fidget spinners too, where you’ll be able to create bigger profit margins.

Final thoughts

The fidget spinner wholesale market is certainly an area that you should consider moving into, and fast – in fact, striking while the iron is hot is vital. We’re currently in a phase where finger spinners are enjoying unprecedented popularity, and they are never going to attract as much attention as they are doing right now. The publicity is also extremely positive.

Most importantly, however, if you do choose to invest, make sure you do it properly. Buying great products from a trusted name is going to pay dividends in the long run, unlike if you go for obscure brands from China. Having great communication with a company you know will continue to provide you with high quality fidget spinners on time every time is invaluable, and allows you to prioritize your time and make your business a success.